American travelers to Europe sometimes cannot figure out how to eat snacks and light meals.  Many lower cost hotels provide no means of storing perishable food items like cheese, meats, milk, etc.  Obviously they want you to eat in their restaurants, which can be pretty lousy and touristy.  So what did I do on a Venice visit for New Years celebration a few years ago?  And how could I preserve some excellent local sandwiches for a long train ride the next day?

Sometimes when you travel, your brain takes a vacation as well.  I love train travel in Europe, especially now that I’ve figured out the secrets used by locals (see my other train stories).  So here I am in Venice, in a cheap hotel, and preparing for a long train ride to Frankfurt.  New Year’s eve in Venice is a real kick.  Lots of fireworks, drinking, and noise making…almost all night long.  Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of rolling bottles and cans.  Ouch, my head!

My small room, and I mean small, had few amenities.  And no refrigerator.  That meant that whatever food items were purchased needed to be consumed in short order.  Too bad, since lots of really great cheese is available…but typically in large chunks.  Eating it all would surely cause digestive problems.  And I hate to waste good food.  And cheese makes a great snack on a long train ride…with wine of course.  What to do?

As I said, when on vacation, so is the brain.  Light-bulb!   Its winter…and cold outside.  I’m in a small room, up high, with windows…and window sills.  Instant refrigerator!  So I can store all my train travel goodies safely outside on the sill.  Nice and cold.  If only it doesn’t rain, and what about those famous Venice pigeons?

Written on December 21st, 2014 , Anicdotes, Food&Drink, Travel Tips

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