What is a travel junkie, and how do you know if you’re one?

If you watch movies, even if they are not really appealing to you, just to check-out the scenery and background images…you’re a travel junkie.  If you feel anxiety when someone mentions Rome…you’re a travel junkie.  If you show disgust for the food in this country…you’re a travel junkie.  If all your friends greet you with “any trips soon?”…you’re a travel junkie.  If you have thousands of photos that you bore everyone with…you’re a travel junkie.  If all your stories are about being somewhere else…you’re a travel junkie.

Believing the only way to go is plan everything myself, for days on end, I confess to be a travel junkie.  And since I’ve covered a whole lot of ground, especially by rental car, I consider myself High Mileage.  I’ve used several million frequent flier miles and typically put 2500 miles on a rental car in a two week trip.  I guess I truly enjoy things moving past me at high speed.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to educate you on how to get the most out of your travel time, and experience what travel should really be about. We present useful tips and techniques in a fun, storyteller style. This blog relates many years of travel adventures, satisfaction, and mistakes.  Hopefully you can benefit from some of this and discover there is an amazing world of people, culture, and history to be savored.

Written on March 11th, 2008

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